As your Real Estate Advisor, when I run across an incredible money savings opportunity, I like to pass the tip along to you so that you may potentially enjoy the same savings benefit as well....
If you are a regular subscriber to the Orange County Register or would like to be, than my $$$ saving tip is for YOU!

Right now the OC Register is running two incredible specials and these specials are available to currently participating subscribers and new subscribers alike. Here are the two the deals:

$52 - PER YEAR with delivery to your door everyday of the week.


$20 - PER YEAR with delivery to your door on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week.

To get this incredible deal, please call the OC Register at (877) 627-7009. They are not openly advertising these specials, and they will only extend them to you if you specifically ask for them.
I know that my family was paying close to $15 per month for daily service so this new program is saving us in excess of $120 per year.

I would like to thank my Mom for telling me about this great $ saving tip and for affording me the opportunity to pass it along to you, my valued friends and clients!

Wishing you a great week!